PhD Candidate

James Cook University

Ting learned Geology and Geography during her undergraduate study at Jilin University, Northeastern China. She then studied carbon and helium geochemistry from Jiaqi Liu, a top scientist in Volcanology and Quaternary Environmental Science in China. After that, Ting worked at the Jilin Earthquake Agency for 4 years, focusing on earthquake precursors, such as radon.

She is now a PhD student at James Cook University, working on a core of Lake Barrine to document past environmental changes in forest-savanna boundaries. The goal of her work is to create a detailed, continuous timeline for the environmental change in this area during the Holocene. She mainly uses 14C dating to measure the age of this core and biomarkers, carbon and hydrogen isotopes to extract environmental signals at each age.

An essential item in Ting’s toolkit:

“Yoga and Dance. They bring me energy and joy.”

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