PhD Candidate

The University of Tasmania

Before moving to the University of Tasmania, Tessa worked on projects covering Holocene palaeoecology of pacific islands, urban ecology in public green spaces and species invasions in European agricultural areas. She has worked at Universities in Melbourne, Australia and Fribourg, Switzerland as a Research Assistant and tutor for undergraduate classes. Alongside her supervisor Dr Nicholas Porch at Deakin University, Tessa described the first two of many potentially extinct Zopherid beetles from the Austral islands, French Polynesia. These
descriptions have added to the growing story of Holocene insect extinctions in the Pacific. As part of a diverse research team, Tessa contributed to ‘ The Little Things that Run the City ’ report on insect biodiversity in the City of Melbourne, with report findings being utilised by the council’s ‘ Nature in the City ’ strategy. Tessa enjoys communicating her work with the public by social media, community
events and talks.

Tesselations in Nature