Postdoctoral Researcher and ‘Internship for Women’ recipient

Australian National University

Shimona is an archaeologist and palaeontologist with a key interest in the early movements of people, cultures, and animals throughout the islands of the Asia-Pacific.

She works with geographic information systems (GIS), palaeogeographic reconstruction, biogeographic modelling, and phylogenetic analysis to explore the palaeo-archipelagos north of Australia and the people and animals who lived there.

Currently, her research is focused on prehistoric human and cuscus (Phalangeridae) interactions in the Asia-Pacific. To this end, Shimona conducts archaeological surveys and excavations in Indonesia and Timor-Leste, to document characteristics of modern cuscuses in museum collections, and explore their evolutionary relationships using modern and ancient DNA.

An essential item in Shimona’s toolkit:

“My smartphone – with its inbuilt GPS, mapping apps, and camera – I’m prepared to document archaeological sites wherever I go!”

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