University of New South Wales

Shane is a Dunghutti (Bellbrook, Northern NSW) and Dharawal (Coastal Sydney) descendant and has a background in microbiology and molecular biology of bacteria and fungi that live within medicinal plants of Botany Bay.

Shane is a post-doctoral researcher in Science Communication with the Education and Engagement team. His research is focused on Indigenous interactions within Science Communication and creating Indigenous perspective content within STEM subjects.

He has worked part-time as a cultural heritage officer for the La Perouse Local Aboriginal Land Council since 1999,  is a key member of both the Gadhungal Research Program and Dharawal Language Program (La Perouse) and is the postdoctoral representative on CABAH’s Indigenous Advisory Committee.

An essential item in Shane’s toolkit

“A good sense of humour and the ability to look at life from different points of view, to be challenged and always keep my eyes and ears open.”