Partner Organisation Representative

State Library of NSW

Richard Neville is the Mitchell Librarian and Director, Education & Scholarship at the State Library of NSW. This position is responsible for the Library’s Learning Services and Indigenous Services branches, and for its research partnerships with the tertiary sector, all of which are growing areas of engagement for the Library. After completing an art history degree at the University of Sydney, Richard worked at the Art Gallery of NSW and the Australian National Maritime Museum, before joining the State Library in 1990, firstly as a curator with the Pictures collections, and then as Manager of the Original Materials Branch, before being appointed Mitchell Librarian in 2008. Richard has published widely on nineteenth century Australian art and society, and curated many exhibitions on these themes for the Library. He has also been extensively involved in the acquisition, arrangement, description and promotion of the Mitchell Library’s renowned Australian research collections.


An essential item in Richard’s toolkit

“I’d like to think curiosity. Libraries and archives are fascinating places, and much more so if you want to know things. There are always interesting questions to ask of our collections, or connections to be made, or things to see, and stories to be told. For many people libraries and archives are predictable storehouse of knowledge, but they are also cornucopias of surprises.”