University of Tasmania

Rebecca is a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Tasmania where she models species interactions and ecosystem dynamics in modern and prehistoric landscapes. She completed her PhD at the University of Queensland in 2018 and has a background in ecological modelling, animal behaviour, biomechanics, and performance.

Bec is enthusiastic about interdisciplinary research and integrates ideas from multiple fields to answer questions about the natural world. She has studied a range of creatures and systems to date, including agonistic behaviours in reptiles, escape behaviours of carnivorous marsupials, optimal performance in elite (human) athletes, and interactions between large herbivores and herbaceous fuel loads. She has broad research interests but is particularly keen on understanding the decisions animals make about how and where to move (be they extant or extinct).

An essential item in Rebecca’s toolkit

“I’m always learning new concepts from different fields to apply to my ecological models, so a collaborative attitude!”

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