University of Adelaide

Raphael Eisenhofer is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Adelaide. He is passionate about microbial life and evolution, and how these invisible forces influence life on our planet.

He is currently working on two main projects:

  • The analysis of ancient microbial DNA from the environmental (e.g. sediment) and human dental calculus (calcified plaque). Studying patterns of how microorganisms have changed through time using ancient DNA can offer insights into microbial evolution, past ecosystems/climates, and human history.
  • Studying the microbial communities (microbiomes) of native Australian mammals. Recent research has found that animal microbiomes are important for the health of their hosts. By studying the microbiomes of native Australian mammals, Raphael hopes to find therapeutic interventions to improve the captive health and reintroduction success of our threatened Australian mammals.

An essential item in Raphael’s toolkit

“The computer — how else could we make sense of the vast amounts of DNA sequencing data that we generate?”

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