Deputy Director

Monash University

Professor Lynette Russell is a historian who combines anthropology and archaeology in her research. She is Director of the Monash Indigenous Studies Centre, which is a research and teaching unit specializing in History, Archaeology and Anthropology. She is extensively published and is the author or editor of twelve books, specializing in Aboriginal and encounter history. Professor Russell is committed to community and public outreach and seeks to disseminate her work widely. As an interdisciplinary scholar she works with archaeologists and museum studies specialists as well as transnational historians. She is committed to ethical research with community members as equal partners in the research process. She has held fellowships at both Oxford and Cambridge Universities, and she is a member of the Academy Social Sciences Australia and the Australian Academy of the Humanities.


An essential item in Lynette’s toolkit

“Creativity. I aim to find creative and innovative ways to bring narratives about the past to life. I am passionate about visualising and imagining the past and how we might harness these skills to engage the general public.”