Chief Investigator & Wildlife Theme Leader

The University of Tasmania

Professor Chris Johnson is an ecologist and conservation biologist, and an expert on mammals. His research investigates many problems that are relevant to the conservation of biodiversity, in four main themes:

(i) the causes of extinction of species in prehistory and the recent past;

(ii) the effects on ecosystems of top predators and large herbivores, and the ecological consequences of loss of such species;

(iii) the environmental history of Australia; and

(iv) the management of threatened and invasive species of wildlife.

By studying the past, and monitoring the present, Chris seeks to develop a deep understanding of the intricacies of our ecosystem, with a goal to maintain, or in many cases reset, the balance. Professor Johnson has written more than 140 scientific papers and a book on many aspects of the ecology and conservation of wildlife, and received awards including the Eureka Prize for Environmental Research and the Australian Ecology Research Award.


An essential item in Chris’s toolkit

“I do research that integrates present-day ecology with knowledge of long term ecological dynamics.”