Chief Investigator & Models Theme Leader

The University of Tasmania

Barry Brook, a conservation biologist and modeller, is an ARC Australian Laureate Professor and Chair of Environmental Sustainability at the University of Tasmania. Leader of the Dynamics of Eco-evolutionary Patterns (DEEP) research group and the UTAS node of CABAH, Barry is a highly cited scientist, having published three books, over 350 refereed papers, and many popular articles. His awards include the 2006 Australian Academy of Science Fenner Medal, the 2010 Community Science Educator of the Year and 2013 Scopus Researcher of the Year. He focuses on global change biology, ecological dynamics, paleoenvironments, energy systems, and statistical-simulation models.

“My research, and that of my postgraduate and postdoctoral team, focuses on fundamental problems in animal and plant ecology and evolution, studies of the causes and consequences of global environmental change, population viability analysis of threatened species, and meta-models of the synergies of human interactions with the biosphere―past and present. I work with field data, remote sensing, and eco-evolutionary patterns across a range of spatio-temporal scales, applying cutting-edge methods of statistical inference, and developing computer simulation models. I have always been fascinated with the diversity of past life, and motivated to stop future extinctions.”

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