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The University of Queensland

Patrick is a biogeographer who utilizes pollen and charcoal records to reconstruct past environments. A major focus of his research is peatland dynamics, particularly how palaeoecological information can be used to assist with the conservation and restoration of these highly significant ecosystems.

He is also interested in how climate change and/or people have influenced landscape change through time. He has a particular focus on reconstructing Quaternary environments, but has also examined deeper time periods, particularly the greenhouse conditions of the Eocene climatic optimum (50 million years ago).

He has worked on records (both terrestrial and marine) from Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and North America and has actively engaged with managers in Queensland and Tasmania to integrate palaeoecological information for improved conservation outcomes.

An essential item in Patrick’s toolkit

“The key item in my toolkit is utilizing palaeoecological analysis of sediment cores to reconstruct past environments.”

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