Partner Investigator

Scarp Archaeology

Michael is one of the nations leading archaeological consultants, specialising in remote arid and semi arid environments.  He is Director of Scarp Archaeology, one of the premier archaeological consulting companies in Australia specialising in large, complex projects for major industry.  Scarp has offices and staff throughout Australia and a network of specialist experts.

Michael has qualifications in archaeology and in history from Sydney University, the Australian National University, and University of New South Wales.  His PhD (conferred in 2007) examined the prehistory of the Waanyi People of northwest Queensland from an evolutionary anthropological perspective, recording evidence of the oldest antiquity of occupation in Queensland and strong indications of glacial refugia settlement

Since 2007, Michael has led many large-scale survey and excavation projects throughout Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales.  In particular he has specialised in the Pilbara Region where he has excavated hundreds of archaeological sites with many being over 30,000 years in antiquity.  Michael is the author of hundreds of archaeological reports and a dozen academic papers.


An essential item in Michael’s toolkit

“I could say leadership or project management skills, but I’ll go with a milk crate – best piece of field gear ever – it’s a step out of a trench, it’s a ladder, it carries lunch, it carries gear, a milk crate does everything and it never complains!”