PhD Candidate

University of Tasmania

Matthew is a PhD student at the School of Natural Sciences at UTAS. As a native Tasmanian, he remained faithful to his state and completed a Bachelor of Science with Honours at the University of Tasmania. In his Honours thesis, he studied the response of Forest Ravens to land-use change and how the species interacts with small woodland passerines.

For his PhD project, he’ll be studying the woodland birds of the Bass Strait Islands, focusing on distributional anomalies, current threats to species and past avian extinctions, which will allow us to predict future shifts in bird communities of the region. By incorporating advanced modelling techniques with historical data and field-based research, the project will inform conservation decisions and mitigate extinction risks for insular avian fauna.

A self-confessed “bird nerd”, you can usually find him in the Tasmanian wilderness behind a pair of binoculars. He is passionate about the conservation of bird species and is particularly interested in how humans impact bird communities.

An essential item in Matthew’s toolkit

“A passion for the conservation of Australia’s unique fauna and a pair of binoculars!”

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