PhD Student

University of Tasmania

Matthew recently completed his Honours degree at the University of Tasmania. In this project, he studied the response of forest ravens to land-use change and how the species interacts with small woodland passerines. This work used analysis techniques, including species distribution models and generalised linear models, to assess the habitat and population dynamics of the synanthropic species.

From 2018, he will be working as a Research Assistant within the UTAS node of CABAH, before commencing a PhD later this year. Within this role, he’ll be contributing to various projects, including the use of historical data in combination with modelling techniques to investigate bird extinctions within Australia over the past 130,000 years.

An essential item in Matthew’s toolkit

“A passion for the conservation of Australia’s unique fauna. This enthusiasm for conservation is the motivation behind my work as I believe that the use of modelling to further understand the historic loss of species can help minimise extinction risk in the future.”