PhD Candidate

Monash University

Madeleine graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Arts (honours) in archaeology in 2017, beginning her PhD a Monash the following year. Both her honours and PhD research look at the rock art of the Wardaman people in the Victoria River district, Northern Territory.

Her honours thesis explored the complex web of relationships between people, Country and things that Wardaman people negotiate when interpreting narrative in rock art.

For her PhD thesis, Madeleine is exploring how rock art is used to socially structure and inscribe landscapes over time by undertaking a spatial analysis of Wardaman rock art motifs across the landscape and through time. This project, like Madeleine’s honours, focuses on incorporating Wardaman interpretive frameworks and knowledge in the initial approach and analysis of Wardaman rock art alongside moretraditional archaeological approaches.

An essential item in Madeleine’s toolkit:

“Reflective practice. The ability to reflect on my and other researchers approaches and goals in order to continually develop my own practice.”

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