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John is an evolutionary ecologist interested in within-species variation, species interactions, and the processes that shape ecosystems. Currently working as a postdoctoral researcher at Flinders University, John completed his PhD at Sydney University in 2011 and did his first postdoc at James Cook University and CSIRO.

John’s research in CABAH involves using ecological network models to understand ancient ecosystems. Through this research, he aims to: (1) identify the driver(s) of Australian megafauna extinction, and (2) isolate the components of ecological networks most important for ecosystem stability and resilience. Such knowledge will help us understand how and why biodiversity changed in the past, as well as the pathways through which our current ecosystems developed.

This research will also help guide conservation efforts by identifying the ecosystem components most important to protect in order to maintain biodiversity and ecosystem services.

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“Ecological network models.”

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