Chief Investigator

Australian National University

A geographer and botanist by training, Janelle’s expertise is in the field of palaeoecology, using palynology and charcoal to reconstruct landscapes of the past.  The focus of Janelle’s research is understanding the long-term dynamics of terrestrial ecosystems, with a particular interest in the role of fire and how we might understand that better.

She has significant experience working in southeast Asia, the Pacific and Australia with ongoing projects in all these environments. She is also busy developing innovative tools for education and outreach as well exploring machine aided learning.

An essential item in Janelle’s toolkit:

“Reconstructing landscapes from pollen (particles that are way less than the width of hair in size) then you need a microscope with some seriously good optics. That in combination with the truly amazing pollen collection we continue to build at ANU makes it all possible.”

Research Portfolio

Australian 3D Pollen Project