Associate Investigator and PhD candidate

University of Melbourne

Holly is the Senior Objects and Archaeological Conservator at the Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation at the University of Melbourne. She has conducted archaeological conservation in Australia, Italy, the Middle East, South-east Asia and Central Asia. As part of the CABAH team, Holly aims for materials conservation to take a more active role within archaeological projects from the onset of project design to fieldwork and post-excavation processing techniques and in doing so increase both the survival rate of artefacts and research outcomes.

Holly is also a part-time PhD candidate at Monash Indigenous Studies Centre, Melbourne investigating materials conservation strategies for low-fired pre-Lapita, Lapita, and post-Lapita ceramics from Caution Bay Papua New Guinea. The ceramics from Caution Bay are very friable, they crumble like a biscuit and flake like fish and without conservation, it would not be possible to analyse vessels in any detail. Holly’s research takes place in the lab at Monash University where she stabilises and conjoins super fragile ceramics.

An essential item in Holly’s toolkit

“Always weighing up the impact conservation will have on future research and how the ‘objects biography’ is irreversibly changed by my actions.”

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