PhD Candidate

University of Wollongong

Fabian is doing his PhD in geomorphology. While he is driven by general curiosity in all physical sciences, and a high interest in any aspects of nature, he is professionally interested in the Earth’s surface processes on different temporal and spatial scales.

His methodological focus is on remote sensing and geospatial analyses and also fine and coarse-grain sedimentology. Fabian gained a BSc in geography and a MSc in physical geography at the University of Cologne, and he has worked in different settings within the fields hazard research, coastal geomorphology, geochronology and geoarchaeology.

His current PhD project is located in eastern Indonesia and East-Timor, and working on the reconstruction of palaeoenvironments and geomorphological processes during the late Quaternary. Fabians favorite days in the field include any kind of coring and flying a UAV.

An essential item in Fabians’s toolkit:

“My drone and a good amount of enthusiasm.”

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