PhD Candidate

Monash University

Daniel is an archaeologist currently studying at Monash University. He graduated in 2016 from the University of Southern Queensland with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in anthropology, starting his PhD in archaeology at Monash during 2018.

His honours research focused on a technological analysis of stone artefacts recovered from Caution Bay, Papua New Guinea. Specifically, this research investigated anthropogenic impacts (i.e. the use of fire) to the surrounding environment as archaeologically represented by the lithic assemblage.

Daniel’s current PhD research primarily focuses on settlement changes across Caution Bay during the period 1877-739 cal BP. This research will contribute to current understandings of settlement patterns, social cohesion and cultural connections within Caution Bay and the Port Moresby region, and more broadly inter-regional cultural connections along the south coast of Papua New Guinea during this time period.

An essential item in Daniel’s toolkit:

“An open mind to new possibilities and ways of thinking.