University of Wollongong

Ceridwen is a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Wollongong and currently conducts research in palaeoproteomics – or, examining proteins extracted from ancient bone and what these can tell us about past populations.

Ceridwen has a combined background in archaeology and biological anthropology (Australian National University) and brings a strongly multidisciplinary approach to her research. She has conducted research in a variety of archaeological and anthropological sciences, including using stable isotopes in ancient teeth to trace human migration (Honours, Australian National University) and studying the skeletal morphology of hybrids in primate and human evolution (PhD, University of New South Wales). She has also worked periodically as a consulting archaeologist for the past 9 years.

The unifying theme of her research is an unrelenting desire to ‘make bones talk’ – so to speak. She is passionate about applying cross- and multi-disciplinary insights and methodologies to questions about human prehistory and evolution.

An essential item is Ceridwen’s toolkit

“A good sense of humour. Whether it’s a frustrating research problem, the tail end of a sweaty day in the field or realising that you’ve said something really dopey in front of a crowd of people, it helps to be able to laugh it off and try again.”