Associate Investigator

James Cook University

Cassandra is a palaeoecologist, with a background in botany and geography, specialising in the use of pollen and charcoal to reconstruct past environments. Her research interests include the action of climate change and fire dynamics on ecosystem variability, and human-landscape relationships on vegetation pattern, with emphasis on tropical savanna environments, mangrove and island flora. The application of environmental history to ecosystem conservation-management is an additional focus.

Cassandra has wide experience working across northern Australia, extending into southern lowland Papua New Guinea. She has participated extensively in archaeological and geomorphological field projects, focused on multi-discipline data integration and working in close association with Indigenous communities. She is currently a Research Fellow at James Cook University, based in Cairns.

An essential item in Cassandra’s toolkit:

“A sense of curiosity …… and always a good in-field plant identification guidebook.”

Research Portfolio