Chief Investigator

University of New South Wales

Darren Curnoe is a palaeoanthropologist, archaeologist, educator and science communicator. His research focusses on understanding human origins and ancient human ecology in Australasia, Southeast Asia and East Asia. His main interests include the settlement of the broad region by modern humans, their subsequent biological, ecological  and cultural adaptations, and the last surviving archaic humans in the area including their interactions with early modern humans. This incorporates field based excavations of archaeological sites as well as lab-based studies of human skeletal remains, stable isotope analysis to reconstruct diet and palaeoenvironments, and palaeoproteomics to consider ancient demography and disease. Darren is also an active science communicator and educator, writing columns for outlets like The Conversation and Cosmos, making films, and appearing regularly in the media and other settings discussing human origins. He also undertakes research into science communication and community engagement/impact. In a previous life, Darren was a TV journalist.


An essential item in Darren’s toolkit

“A video camera or microphone so that I can capture the excitement of science as it unfolds and get it out to the widest possible audience.”


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