PhD Candidate

James Cook University

Anna is an archaeology PhD candidate at CABAH’s James Cook University Node in Cairns. Her Masters and PhD research is based on Kaiadilt country in the South Wellesley Islands, Gulf of Carpentaria, northern Australia. For her Master of Social Science (coursework) thesis, Anna undertook a high-resolution spatial analytical approach to documenting and analysing indigenous stone-walled intertidal fishtraps, with the aim to improve understanding of the structures and standardise recording techniques. Now, for her PhD research, Anna is applying remote sensing techniques to the terrestrial environment, to assess traditional fire practices as a complex land management technology.

Anna has a strong interest in human-environment interactions, engineered landscapes and land management practices in the Australian mid-to-late Holocene. She is also passionate about influencing current land management practices, and communicating research to improve knowledge and spark interest of Australia’s past amongst the broader community.

In between studies, Anna spent time as an archaeologist in western Cape York, working closely with local Indigenous communities to achieve mutual outcomes for the community and local industries.

An essential item in Anna’s toolkit

“A smile and an open mind – because it is our differences that makes us stronger, not our similarities”