van der Walt
PhD Candidate

Monash University

Ané is an archaeologist and a current PhD candidate at Monash University. With an earlier degree in Multimedia and Digital Arts design, Ané’s practice merges research approaches from the fields of design, archaeology and the Digital Humanities.

At its core, her PhD project is centred on ethics: the ethics of archaeological research and practice; the ethics of collaboration; the ethics of representation; and the ethics of Indigenous site and data sovereignty.

Together with the Djab Wurrung Aboriginal community, her project aims to collaboratively develop a practice-led model through which tangible and intangible Indigenous cultural heritage related to three Aboriginal channel (“eel trap”) sites located at the foothills of Duwul near Gariwerd can be non-invasively investigated, represented, communicated and digitally repatriated back to the community.

An essential item in Ané’s toolkit:

“Reflectivity and reflexivity through all stages of a project. Oh, and chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.”