Alexandru T
Associate Investigator

University of Wollongong

Alexandru’s main field of interest is the analysis of cosmogenic nuclides — minute amounts of isotopes produced in rocks at the Earth’s surface as a result of cosmic ray bombardment. He these rare isotopes to study the physical and chemical processes that shape the Earth’s surface, and how these interact with tectonics and climate over a wide range of spatial and temporal scales.

In particular, he is studying how a destructive process, such as erosion, can build the very thing that it is destroying — mountains — and how the product of this process — dirt — can alter our climate by consuming atmospheric carbon dioxide as a result of its decay.

Key to studying the interactions and feedbacks between erosion, mountain building, and the global climate system, and therefore to understanding the triggers and drivers of erosion processes, is our ability to measure the rates at which landscapes erode.

An essential item in Alexandru’s toolkit

“A pair of sieves and a sandy creek.”


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