PhD Candidate

University of Wollongong

Alex is a PhD student in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at UOW. He has a BA in Philosophy and a BS in Geology from the University of Iowa,  a MS in Geology from the University of Cincinnati and has worked at the Paleontological Research Institution and taught biology at Grand View University.

His interests in earth science are very broad,  including mineral resources, glaciers, and geologic history. Alex’s past original research has explored topics in palaeontology, ecology, and island biogeography, often using mollusc communities as models.

Alex’s PhD project will explore the environments of eastern Indonesia during the late Quaternary. Specifically, he will sample sediment archives to investigate environmental and ecological changes in an area with a long history of human occupation.

An essential item in Alex’s toolkit:

“Good boots—in the field, the rest of your kit doesn’t matter much if you can’t get there.”

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