The Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Australian Biodiversity and Heritage (CABAH) is a major new research and education initiative that brings together leading Australian universities with strategically important Australian and international partners.

Our goal is to tell the epic story of Australia’s rich and distinctive natural and human history by revolutionising our knowledge of the events and processes that have shaped this nation, and combining that knowledge with cutting-edge modelling techniques to manage and protect our natural and cultural resources into the future.

To achieve this ambitious goal, we are seeking enthusiastic and talented PhD students to join our team.

You will participate in regular Masterclasses, Short Courses and Thematic Workshops, with a transdisciplinary emphasis, to improve your technical, professional and communication skills. Cross-node researcher exchange opportunities will also be integral to your CABAH research training experience.

Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders will have access to additional support through dedicated Indigenous Australian initiatives such as mentoring, bursaries and top-up grants. Women will be supported through a range of initiatives, including internships and travel grants.


Million dollars

CABAH was funded in June 2017 with over $35 million from the Australian Government, NSW Government and partner institutions.


New students

CABAH will take on more than 50 new postgraduate students to work on blockbuster discoveries.



CABAH boasts at least one Australian Laureate Fellow in each of its six research theme.

Sorry, all of our study opportunities are currently filled.