First Scientists

Two new exhibits exploring archaeological and Indigenous science knowledge systems have been installed at the Queensland Museum by CABAH’s Dr Britt Asmussen.

The two display cases speak to archaeological and Indigenous science knowledge systems, and link strongly to CABAH’s E&E program, particularly in terms of audience engagement and curriculum links. Housed in the recently opened Discovery Centre, they will also provide an excellent opportunity to test audience engagement with two different approaches to science-based knowledge.

Dr Britt Asmussen

Looking into the Past”, presents examples of how Australian archaeologists use various scientific methods to reveal the stories and activities of Aboriginal people in the past. Four different case studies are used, including the Northeast Queensland rainforests, sandstone gorge systems, coastal Moreton Bay and arid inland of North West Queensland, exploring plant detoxification and residue analysis, sustainable wallaby hunting through drought.

First Scientists” is a newly developed offering, discussing the complexity of Aboriginal scientific knowledge systems illustrated through one iconic cultural object: the Jawun (bicornual basket) unique to the north-east Queensland rainforest, which played a role in detoxifying plants prior to their consumption.

“Both cases provide the opportunity to test general audience response and engagement with this content, conducted by both observation and written survey responses. This provides qualitative and quantitative data through which to initially test audience reaction to content in preparation for a larger CABAH exhibition,” Dr Amussen said.



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