Annual Symposium

Researchers and affiliates from across Australia, and overseas, came togehter at our annual symposium at Monash University in November 2019.

“It was a wonderful opportunity to connect with colleagues and hear about the breadth of research going on,” said CABAH Director ‘Bert’ Roberts.

The team also had the opportunity to take training workshops including ‘Getting into print – strategies for writing and publishing’ (Sean Ulm, JCU), ‘Professional and academic presentation skills’ (Felix Nobis, Centre for Theatre and Performance, Monash Uni), ‘From the field to the written report: how to write up the results of an archaeological excavation’ (Bruno David), Tips and techniques for conservation of artefacts during field work’ (Holly Jones-Amin & DEEP groups Matthew McDowell), as well as interactive workshops on bystander training and unconscious bias.

Our PhD candidates and early career researchers stepped up to the challange of explaining their research in three-minute PICO talks and with posters.

Congratulations to our winners!

Congratulations to the finalists and winners of the PICO presentations and posters! L-R Madeleine Kelly, John Llewelyn, Matilda Handsley-Davis, Matthew McDowell, Ting Li and Matthew Fielding. Plus Feli Hopf and Raphael Eisenhofer (not pictured).


Matt McDowell and Holly Jones-Amin took the CABAH team through ‘tips and techniques for conservation of artefacts during field work’ for Day 1 of our Symposium

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